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Trading plays an integral part of the Surf eco-system. As it connects us with new clients, helping us positively impact both the environment & the global economy. As a result we strove to revolutionize this industry.

Trading Graphs on Computer Monitor

SURF Worldwide objectives to meet the Global Market Demands through General Goods and Crude Oil & Natural Gas Trading Commodities to the potential buyers / customers through delivering the best quality products at a cost-effective price; which shall positively impact the customer's plan and budget.


SURF Worldwide Trading Department runs by a highly-skilled & multi-citizen team having a wide range of Disciplines and diversified experiences capable to up to provide the best competitive products that meets the market demand with customer's satisfaction; which will be very difficult to benchmark. 


The Trading Mandate covers the following segments:

  1. Crude Oil & Natural Gas,

  2. Steel, Copper, &Aluminum ,

  3. Agriculture Crops & Seeds, (Rice, Wheat, Beans), Food Oil

  4. Fly Ash, Clinker and Cement, Chromite & Salt

  5. Furniture, Wood, Offices, & Electronics,

  6. Heavy Duty Equipment & Machines,

  7. Medical Tools & Apparatuses.

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