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Human Capital

SURF Worldwide mitigates the challenge of promoting the intangible asset of Human Capital via creating and developing its quality, experience and skills, to be considered the most economical value in the business. This includes assets like education, training, intelligence, skills, health, and other things employers’ value such as loyalty and punctuality.

Our Concept of Human Capital


Not all labors are similar. However, employers can improve the quality of that capital by investing in employees—the education, experience, and abilities. All shall add positive economic value for employers and the economy.​


Human capital is Vital, as it is perceived to increase productivity and thus profitability. So, the more a company invests in its employees (i.e., in their education and training), the more productive and profitable it could be.​


Human capital tends to migrate, especially in global economies. That's why there is often a shift from developing places or rural areas to more developed and urban areas. Some economists have dubbed this a brain drain, making poorer places poorer and richer places richer.

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