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Academic Affairs

SURF Worldwide's Academic Affairs’ mission is to respond effectively to vital needs (Including Energy, Oil & Gas & Trading) of the various Global Industrial Sectors by offering well designed Scholarships to the Candidates in order to pursue advanced programs.  This provides the Global Industrial Sectors workforce with academically certified and accredited Candidates of specific specialization.

Circular Library
Core Business

SURF Worldwide's Academic Affairs is created to cater the global demands through:

  • Recruitment, selection and induction of new Staff.

  • Monitoring and supporting the performance of Staff. 

  • Working with Human Resources and relevant Departments to integrate Sponsored internships within the International workforce.

  • Ensuring effective communication and fostering a positive relationship between students and their allocated Global Industrial Sectors. 

  • Maintaining reliable and accurate records for the purpose of providing meaningful certificates to Global Industrial Sectors stakeholders to ensure the effectiveness of our programs. 

  • Carrying out continuous improvements to ensure the effective placement of qualified Candidates within the Global Industrial Sectors workforce.

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