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Oil & Gas

SURF Worldwide is heavily motivated & inspired by the oil & gas industry, as it was the business sector responsible for our companies birth. Since then, we have vowed to offer solutions having a long lasting positive impact on both our customers & environment

Oil refinery plant in the evening

SURF Worldwide Energy, Oil & Gas Sector is run by SURF Worldwide Petroleum Services (SPS) subsidiary with multiple offices based in many countries; Turkey, Egypt, GCC & USA; which is a Specialised entity established to add a new value to the business of Oil and Gas industry lifecycle through a wide range of services & fleet of supplies to the upstream and downstream, onshore and offshore implementing an innovative solutions & state-of-the-art proprietary technology by a global network of highly experienced and well-trained team. It is well equipped to cater the requirements of Exploration, Drilling, Workover, Production, Well Services, Surveillance, Integrity & Intervention in the industrial and energy markets worldwide safely and efficiently.


SURF Worldwide is acting as a specialized global supplier & service provider for a wide range of materials, products and services to the oil & gas industry through our business partners & principals.

Products & Services

SURF Worldwide believe in working with the customers closely to understand their objectives and in combining the best industry standard products with our own unique world-leading technology to meet the customers’ business needs. SURF Worldwide has a very strong access and communications network with multiple major manufacturers and first-class mills worldwide specialized in producing a very high-quality materials and products in accordance with the best oil & gas practices & API standards that meets the customer specific requirement and applications.

Furthermore, SURF Worldwide also have a wide range of equipment and personnel to render a high-quality service to the oil & gas industry.

Products List

  1. OCTG & Accessories,

  2. Wellhead, X-Mass Trees, Control Equipment,

  3. Slickline & Wireline Equipment & Services,

  4.  Solids Control & with Zero Discharge System,

  5. Fluids, Chemicals & Engineering Services,

  6. Downhole Completion & Downhole Drilling Tools, Drilling

  7. Rigs Operations, Transportation & Logistics,

  8. Process Calibrators for Milliamp, Thermocouple, RTD, Frequency, Voltage & Pressure,

  9. Miscellaneous Equipment (Hammer Unions, Plug Valves, ChokeValves, Manifolds, Flanges, Swivel Joints, Pup Joints, X-Overs & Couplings), 

  10. Manpower Supply IT, Software, and Technical & Commercial Consultancy Services.

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