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Health Care

Healthcare is deemed a top priority, in our business motive & culture. As a result, we care drastically about our footprint in the environment as well as our employees mental & physical health

Doctor's Clinic

As healthcare is highly regarded in our ecosystem, we developed a vision of high healthcare standards available to all. 

To help accomplish this goal/vision, we sponsor many firms that we believe is trying & will make a change in peoples lives. We believe that all should have access to well developed care plans & have immediate & excellent treatment if required.

Henceforth, SURF Worldwide is currently collaborating with American Health Group, to offer the following servieces to both private & public parties:

• Hospital Operations & Management,

• Hospital Design, Construct & Facilities Management,

• Health IT Solution& Hospital infrastructure,

• Physician and Allied Health Staff Recruitment,

• Center of Excellence Program,

• Healthcare Advisory & Talent Services,

• Specialized Modern Healthcare System Development

• Bio-risk Management,

• Medical College,

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