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Competency Based Learning

Accomplishment Steps 

1. Responsibilities

The Competency Based Learning is primarily intended for running technical, on-job and non-technical programs for SURF Worldwide as well as its subsidiaries and other affiliates. Additionally, we provide Competency Based Learning opportunities to support the dynamic development of the industry as well as facilitate training and assessment in order to ensure that mandatory certification is obtained and maintained.

2. Objectives

  • Help the employee in improving their performance and develop skills to enable them to better align with SURF Worldwide goals.

  • Support the learning process through the provision of extensive training.

  • Provide and maintain professional training resources.

  • Facilitate local and overseas training for all employees

3. Working Principles

The programs are performed according to the approved International Standards and Methodologies of the Industries in order to ensure that a proven systems and practices are in place to process the Learnings Requests of SURF Worldwide Candidate.

SURF Worldwide learning programs are available in a variety of delivery methods that range from conventional and virtual classrooms to instructor-led or self-paced as well as mixed methods.

The Professional Learning implements a dual-level evaluation system to ensure the real development and high-quality learning services that meet the global requirements and international expectations​.

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