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Sustainability System

“Sustainability is the Center of Creditability”


Sustainability Policy

SURF Worldwide Vision includes overall sustainability strategy, annually reviews and reports on all activities and other actions on the Sustainable Development for SURF Worldwide.


SURF Worldwide commits to ensuring that sustainability is fully incorporated in all our work both as a global and domestic, as well as a means to overcome all issues and encountered problems and obstacles for business continuity and timely deliverability. Working with others, SURF Worldwide seeks to promote sustainability strategy realization for all vendors, suppliers and customers. This policy will be implemented in the context of local and international legal environments.

SURF Worldwide takes on board all arrangements put in place to achieve the best business practices and sustainability to deliver its quality and environmental commitments as part of the Organization’s Mission as well as Quality Management System are considered as main part of this Policy and shall be applicable throughout all premises in which SURF Worldwide has a controlling interest.

SURF Worldwide motive:
• Energy - Minimize the use of energy and water in all SURF WORLDWIDE’s premises.
• Pollution - Identifying, updating and promoting technologies and actions necessary to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases within SURF WORLDWIDE’s properties and the wider community where we have a role / participation.
• Transport - Reducing the social and environmental impacts arising from fleet vehicles and staff travel and encouraging the use of more sustainable modes of transport for all business trips and journeys.
• Waste - Minimizing waste by invoking the best practicable environmental options and procedures by eliminating, reducing, reusing, and recycling the waste where possible.
• Natural and built environment - Protecting, conserving, and enhancing the environment including landscape character, habitats and heritage and promoting biodiversity and local distinctiveness.
• Environmental education - Raising awareness via staff training and scheduled staff engagement programme.
• Procurement - Ensuring purchasing power is applied to reduce negative environmental impacts and to improve the environmental standards of products and services used. In addition, implementing working practices which have the greatest contribution to sustainable progress.
• eHealth - Ensuring that SURF WORLDWIDE’s strategy addresses the environmental and sustainability impacts and adopting the available technologies that have greatest contribution to sustainable development.

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