Strategy & Values

SURF Worldwide has gone through a remarkable transformation over the past three years, as it places itself firmly on the road to realizing a very ambitious vision: “to become one of the best Service companies in the world, with roots and a strong international presence.” In this endeavor, we have developed a set of strategy and values to become our corporate culture and to act as a clear road map to higher and wider horizons.



Our strategy is designed to help us define our ambition, where we wish to invest, the priorities for improvement and implementation plans as we enter this new era of growth. It revolves around four major themes:

Surf Worldwide Strategy & Values
  • Strengthen SURF Worldwide technical capability,

  • Create a large-scale value-adding international portfolio,

  • Maximize downstream added value, and

  • Promote energy efficiency & optimum energy mix in the world.

  • Values: The biggest challenge in our drive to transform SURF Worldwide, is creating and sustaining a new culture, which will shape how we will work together as ‘one team’ going forward. This is why we have developed a set of values to act as the pillars of our work culture and to give momentum to the capabilities, mindsets, processes, systems and behaviors of our people.                                                       

The six values are:

  1. Safety: We care for our people and see safety as a priority for everyone. We are committed to an incident-free, secure, safe and healthy environment for our employees, stakeholders, partners and communities where we operate.

  2. Integrity: We place the highest importance on honesty and ethical behavior, always choosing to do the right thing. We value transparency in our dealings with each other and stakeholders. Through this we build strong and successful relationships. We believe results matter, but how we achieve those results also matters.

  3. Responsibility: We are committed to operating in a socially responsible manner, caring for the environment and the communities we impact and our employees. We manage our people and assets responsibly, serving as a catalyst for growth to ensure the prosperity of future generations. We develop everyone for the benefit of SURF Worldwide and the world.

  4. Respect: We respect our colleagues, stakeholders, partners and communities and act with care and consideration to build trusting relationships. We value our diversity and each individual’s contribution.

  5. Collaboration: We communicate across all areas and levels, sharing information and considering diverse viewpoints to achieve our common goals. We empower others, build ownership, create accountability and enhance cooperation. We recognize and appreciate those who work across teams worldwide to achieve SURF Worldwide vision and mission.

  6. Excellence: We continually improve our processes to achieve greater efficiency, productivity and higher performance. We generate and are open to new ideas. We learn from both our successes and mistakes. Each of us is accountable for the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of our work.